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Mixing DASH

Average wait time: 00:00:18
0.2 Queued Dash
22.3 Pre-Mixed Dash
74136.2 Dash mixed
so far in 6693 requests
MyDashWallet allows you to mix your Dash without having to create a wallet here, simply enter where you want to anonymously send Dash to and send any amount of Dash to the address provided below. Check the mixing pool amount on the right, if there is enough Dash premixed, your tx will be processed immediately. Otherwise PrivateSend mixing (build-in Dash feature) will be utilized. This service and website is non-profit (the PrivateSend and mining cost are paid to the Dash network like when using a full node wallet, fees are only increased when our mixing pool overall amount is decreasing to recover mixing sessions costs).

Address to send to anonymously

PrivateSend tx fee: 1 + 0.25 mDASH per input About

Generate Mixing Address

Status: Awaiting DASH. Incoming amounts smaller than 10 DASH are confirmed instantly and send out immediately if enough pre-mixed DASH is available.

How does Mixing work on MyDashWallet?

User sends DASH to generated address
Mixing Collection Node
Node Node Node
Mixing on Full Nodes
Masternodes perform the actual mixing
Mixed DASH arrives between 1s and 12h